What is the Bigtrail Experience?

A travel concept designed by and for owners of motorcycles whose displacement exceeds 500cc. With stages of between 200 and 400 km per day, especially through secondary roads with little traffic and tracks in good condition. Our goal will always be to be able to fully enjoy our jewelry in these environments. Total freedom since we will have GPS tracks and paper roadbooks in some stages. There will also be the possibility of visiting cultural attractions that we will pass through, as well as enjoying the local cuisine.

Within the proposals launched from Bigtrail xperience there will be from the week in Morocco -a spectacular and unique trip-, a very complete Portugal and even more conventional weekend outings, but always having as main protagonist the enjoyment of our motorcycle over all.

Another aspect intrinsically linked to BigTrail xperience from it’s birth is the solidary side. In some events there will be a solidarity action directly linked to it, which will be communicated to the participants in each case.


When will it take place?


How much does registration cost?

895 € per person on MOTORCYCLE occupied by one person. If two people go on the motorcycle add 750 € Accommodation in a double room. Consult for single room, or in case of people who want to come without a companion.

What does the registration include?

Ferries to cross the strait, hotels, dinner and breakfast hotel nights, travel insurance, official stickers, travel bag transport per inscribed size 80X60X50cm, tests during the tour.

How does the solidarity party work?

All participants who wish may bring a box of aid material to children from disadvantaged schools that we will deliver during the trip.

With which bike can I participate in the adventure?

With any trail bike whose displacement exceeds 500cc

What preparation does my motorcycle need?

Nothing special, a good review, mixed tires or tacos, insurance with green card and up-to-date documentation.

What to do if I suffer a breakdown?

Trying to repair it, the organization will reward solidarity actions among the participants of the event, get in touch with the organization.

Are there any technical restrictions when preparing the bike?

No. As it is not a competition, you can participate in vehicles with any type of modification, as long as they are trail, have your ITV in force, as well as your insurance and documentation in order.

What do I have to bring with my bike equipment?

GPS capable of reading GPX files, Porta roadbooks for paper stages (optional and recommended). Basic tool kit (many times each brand has specific tools for each model). Telephone with roaming or telephone with Moroccan card (recommended and cheap)

How are the roads in Morocco?

Normally they are in good condition and not so good, we will pass through some areas that the road will be in worse condition, so we will have to adapt our speed to the road conditions.

What documents do I have to bring?

To enter Morocco you need the passport in force- EEC members, others consult- (and that does not expire during the 3 months after the date of entry, that is to say 1 April 2017).

And for the bike?

Technical card and registration certificate, more insurance valid for Morocco with the corresponding green card.

If the car is not in your name, you also need an authorization to your person signed by the owner of the same, with your identity document or passport attached.

Award for the best decoration

In the Bigtrail it will not be obligatory to decorate the motorcycle, but we recommend it, given that we will give a prize to the best decoration. This prize will be voted among the participants themselves and will be given to the person receiving the most votes.

What time will you do in Morocco?

Hot days, and maybe some cold day in the stretches of the atlas, think we will cross roads and tracks that reach 3000mts altitude. In some edition we have gone from going in short sleeves to going in anorak from one day to the next. You have to bring clothes for all temperatures, but comfortable.

Where will we sleep?

In hotels and hostels of good quality where you can rest perfectly to face the new day with batteries well charged after a well-deserved rest.

Where will we eat?

Breakfasts and dinners are included in hotel nights. The meals are free. We recommend to take sausages and for those days and nights of picnic. Bread, meat and drinks are bought there. If alcohol goes, remember that in Morocco they do not sell easily.

What is the Moroccan currency?

The dirham. 10 dirham = 1 €. It changes once arrived in Morocco, since the change is more favorable.

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How much can I spend in Morocco?

Between € 200 and € 250 in gasoline plus € 150 in per diem per person. In any case it is very important to always carry more money or a credit card to cover expenses of possible breakdowns or unforeseen events.

How will I guide myself to follow the route?

We will give you a dossier with the route, which along with the Michelin map that you must buy will guide you. In addition we will pass the route in GPS track in * .gpx, * .gdb format to be able to install in your GPS type Garmin or mobile devices if you want to follow the route without looking at the map. We recommend the GPX Viewer or the twonav that allows you to install the maps and follow the tracks without an internet connection.

What else do I have to bring?

A cigar to savor in the light of the stars at the foot of the desert dunes

How do I communicate with the organization if I need it?

With our Moroccan telephone numbers that we will provide, where you can find us if you need it.

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